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LDAP Training Course
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      Identity Management Overview
      • Introduction to Identity Management
      • Functional aspects of Identity Management
      • Overview of Oracle Identity Management Prodcuts
      Basic LDAP Concepts
      • Introduction to directory server, directory service and LDAP
      • Common misconceptions about LDAP
      • LDAP schema and structure
      • Implementing LDAP
      • LDIF(LDAP data interchange format)
      • Primary LDAP use cases
      Directory Services: Introduction to OUD and OID
      • Features and architecture of OUD
      • Basic administration tasks of OUD
      • Features and architecture of OID
      • Compariosn of OUD and OID
      • Basic administration tasks of OID
      Managing Directory Services: Command Line Tools
      • Searching directory entries
      • Managing directory entries(creating, modifying, and deleting)
      • Managing entries in OID by using Bulk tools
      • Managing directory schema(creating, modifying, and deleting object classes and attributes)
      • Exporting and importing directory data

      Managing Directory Services: ODSM
      • Connecting to OUD and OID from ODSM
      • Searching directory entries
      • Managing directory entries
      • Managing directory schema
      Basic Logging
      • Introduction to logging
      • Viewing log files in OUD and OID
      • Configuring log files in OUD and OID
      Integrating Applications with LDAP Directory Services
      • Exploring OUD and OID with JXplorer
      • Integrating an APEX applicaiton with OUD and OID