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      Introduction to BizTalk Server 2009/10
      This module describes the BizTalk message processing 
      architecture and identifies the new features and toolsets 
      provided in BizTalk Server 2009/10.
      • What Is BizTalk Server 2009/10?
      • What's New in BizTalk Server 2009/10?
      • The BizTalk Server Development Environment 
      • High Level Data Flow of Biztalk Server
      • Biztalk Server Architecture
      Creating Schemas 
      This module explains how to use BizTalk development 
      tools to create XML and flat-file schemas. 
      • Introduction to BizTalk Schemas 
      • Schema Properties and Generating Schemas 
      • Creating XML and Flat-File Schemas
      • Flat File Wizard
      • EDI Schemas
      Creating Maps 
      This module explains how to use BizTalk Mapper to 
      create and work with BizTalk maps. Students will learn 
      how to add functoids to a map and how to compile and 
      test a map. 
      • Creating a BizTalk Map 
      • Configuring Basic Functoids 
      • Configuring Advanced Functoids
      Describe how maps are used by BizTalk and how to use 
      the BizTalk Mapper to create a map. 
      • Manipulate data by using functoids 
      and add functoids to a map 
      • Perform advanced mapping operations by 
      using advanced functoids 
      Routing BizTalk Messages 
      This module explains how to enable message routing and 
      how to use BizTalk tools to monitor live and archived 
      message activity.
      • Introduction to Message Routing
      • Configuring Message Routing 
      • Configuring Receive and Send Ports
      • Tracking Message Activity
      Creating a BizTalk Orchestration. Integrating 
      with Adagters & HAT 
      This module explains how BizTalk orchestration services 
      work and shows how to create a BizTalk orchestration. 
      Students will also learn how to use debugging tools to 
      monitor a running orchestration. Accessing Error 
      messages and Debugging Orchestration. This module 
      explains how to configure common adapters to enable 
      BizTalk integration
      • Introduction to BizTalk Orchestration
      • Building an Orchestration 
      • Introduction to BizTalk Adapters
      • Configuring a BizTalk Adapter
      • Monitoring Orchestrations 
      • Using Health and Activity Tracking tool
      • Debugging Orchestration 
      Integrating with .Net Assemblies,
      Web Services and Using Property Schemas 
      This module explains how to consume a Dot Net 
      Assembly and Web services from an orchestration 
      • Introduction to .Net Assemblies & Web Services 
      • Consuming a .Net Assembly & Web Service 
      • Using an Orchestration with .Net Assembly and 
      Web Service 
      Using Envelope Schemas & Creating
      This module explains how to create and configure receive 
      pipeline for processing Bulk messages.
      • Creating Envelope Schema
      • Introduction to Pipelines 
      • Building a Pipeline 
      Integrating Business Rules 
      This module explains how to configure business rules and 
      how to call a business rule from within an orchestration 
      • Introduction to Business Rules 
      • Integrating Business Rules 
      Using Parallel Actions, Correlation sets, 
      Excegtion Handling and Compensation Blocks 
      • WCF and BIztalk
      • Using WCF line of Business Adapters to connect 
      to different application
      • ESB and Biztalk
      • EDI messaging in Biztalk
      • Transactions in Biztalk
      • Scaling of Biztalk environment
      • Hands on for each concept